Gujarat Government Announces Subsidy on Battery-Operated Vehicles for Students and e-rickshaw

Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani announced today through video conferencing an assistance scheme to encourage the use of battery-operated two-wheeler and three-wheeler in the state to check air pollution. 

Also, the Government of Gujarat will provide a subsidy of Rs.12,000 to school students studying in Standard 9 to colleges, for the starting period under this scheme target of 10,000 such vehicles.

He also said that Gujarat is marching ahead with green energy as clean energy. Blessed with round-the-year sunshine, the state has established a unique lead in solar energy, being Number One in the country in rooftop energy, generating low-cost electricity helping households sell the surplus power to the grid.

Announcing the scheme as part of five development projects, to celebrate Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s birthday today, Mr. Rupani also announced the Rs.50 lakh scheme for charging e-vehicles for creating necessary infrastructure.

It was on this day, 11 years ago Gujarat’s Chief Minister Narendra Modi had set up the country’s first separate Climate Change Department, long before climate change appeared as a challenge before the world. 

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Similarly, a subsidy of Rs.48,000 will be given for a three-wheeler e-rickshaw for individual and institutional beneficiaries, with a target of 5,000 e-rickshaw.

The state has created 510-megawatt capacity1.38-lakh housing units through subsidy during the last three years. The current year’s allocation is Rs.912-crore for 2-lakh housing units.

You wake up from your sleep and go out for a walk to pumping yourself up for the day. You step out of your house, and as you take in the fresh morning air, all you inhale is the dust and fume emitted from the vehicles on the road. Familiar, isn’t it?

Features of an Electric Bike:

The automobiles sectors that ply on the road do much harm to our nature as they release harmful gases, chemicals, quite an unapologetically in the air. A pollution check is a collective effort.

For this reason, to reduce the pollution levels, a new two-wheeler came into the market- An electric vehicle. These are the new generation plug-in electric vehicles and are a cheap and convenient mode of travel.

You know all bikes available in the market share similar features. all Features similar to a range, speed, and cost vary from one brand to the other. Brands like Hero, Indus Yo Bikes, Honda, and Avon provide the best electric bikes to the customers in India.

Electric vehicles also enjoy the advantage of a low fuel cost. Around 250 watts of power is used for 20 minutes of driving. The cost of electricity per unit is Rs 5 which makes electric bikes quite affordable.

Indian roads are perennially noisy. With the unnecessary honks and endless squabble of people, the roads are always in a state of pandemonium. Electric vehicles breeze through the streets with surprising silence. Some electric bikes have now come up with an artificial noise device so as to warm the commuters of the approaching vehicle.

The increase in the use of such automobiles instead of the ones which work on gas, diesel and petrol will definitely keep a check on air pollution. So, let’s start using more of such commodities and encourage others to do the same.