How To Recover Deleted Photos Without Backup

Delete photos from an Android mobile now has become one of the worst situations you might face. As mobile becomes better in aspects of the camera, so even those who are not keen on taking photos have become photographers.

Photos now are being captured anytime and anywhere, and every bit of a photo keeps memories and stores in it, and due to that, losing your photos has become a non-favorable situation at all.

Recover Deleted Photos from Android Using DiskDigger is very useful. DiskDigger can restore and recover Deleted photos and images from your memory card or internal memory. Your mobile is rooted or not it’s mean not necessary.

Whether you accidentally deleted a photo or even reformatted your memory card, DiskDigger’s powerful data recovery features can find your lost pictures and let you restore them.

Deep Digging which performs a deeper dig in your mobile memory to recover permanently deleted photos.

How to Recover Photos Without Backup here are some steps below

After downloading Deep Digging application, click on its icon, and then select the type of the scan that suits you. if your mobile is not rooted, then only select Basic Scan. Or you can select a full scan in case your phone is rooted.

એપ લેવા ક્લિક કરો

After selecting the type of scan and click on Start Basic Photo Scan button, start selecting the file types you want to scan for, whether they are JPG, MP4, ZIP, PNG, MP3 or any other types of files with multiple selection function available.

  • If your device is not rooted, than this app will perform a “limited” scan for your deleted photos by searching your cache.
  • If your device is rooted, than this application will search all of your device’s storage for any trace of photos, as well as videos.
  • You can also use the Wipe free space option to erase the remaining free space on your mobile, so that any deleted files can no longer be recoverable.

finally, you click on OK button after selecting the files types, DiskDigger photo recovery will start scanning your storage for any recoverable files with the types you have selected before.

Save the files to a different local folder on your device and How To Recover Deleted Photos. below is application link…

Wait few seconds or minutes, after finishing the scan, you will be asked to select the files you want to recover, simply click on recover option on the top of the screen. You will have three options to save deleted files, the first is to Save to an app like Email, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. or to save them on your custom location on your mobile, or to upload your local storage.

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After scanning you can upload your recovered files directly to Google Drive, Dropbox, or send them via email. The app also allows you to save the files to a different local folder on your device.

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