Ikhedut Portal Registration

Ikhedut Portal Registration is a yojana introduced by the government of Gujarat especially for the farmers Ikhedut Portal Registration is an online portal introduced by the Government of Gujarat for the farmers of Gujarat.

The government launched an online website to provide benefits to the farmers of Gujarat state. The government starts various schemes for farming, horticulture, fisheries, water conservation, and many more.

➤ખેતીવાડી ની યોજનાઓ

➤પશુપાલનની યોજનાઓ

➤બાગાયતી યોજનાઓ

➤મત્સ્ય પાલન ની યોજનાઓ

Various different scheme information is available on the ikhedut portal run by the government. Any eligible farmers of the Gujarat state can apply easily for any scheme through the online website and check their application status for free.

  • In this portal, farmers do not pay any fee to get any details regarding the scheme.
  • The main benefit of the Ikhedut Portal Registration is to reach out to the farmers directly by the Ikhedut portal.
  • On this portal, farmers will get details regarding weather, agriculture schemes by the government, the market price, etc.
  • Under “the scheme of khetiwadi“ option a farmer can apply online for Ikhedut Tractor and subsidy will be provided into a direct bank account by the government.

How to get Ikhedut Portal Registration?

Interested farmers can easily apply online on Ikhedut Portal Registration. On this portal provide complete online registration process. Once farmer registered, you can apply for different schemes, and check application status etc.

First of all Visit the Official Portal of Ikhedut Portal.

Second Step: Scroll Page and Select Scheme (Yojana)

Ikhedut is a portal specially launched for the welfare of farmers of the Gujarat farmers. It is very important because on this portal farmers can get latest updates regarding farmer scheme as well as they have the to apply for different government schemes.

After click on Apply for New Application. At Ikhedut Portal

Smart Hand Tools Kit Scheme for Marginal Farmers Or Farm Laborers. Visit the Official website of Ikhedut Portal.

Only Gujarat farmers and farm laborers of the state will be eligible to 50% of the total cost or Rs. 10,000 ten thousand whichever is less. 

Ikhedut Schemes List 2020

  • Mb Plau (Hydraulic Reverse)
  • Underground Pipe Line-PVC
  • Mb Plau
  • Mb Plau (mechanical Reversible)
  • Automated Seed Low Fertilizer Planner
  • Open Pipeline
  • Automated Seed Drill.
  • Cultivator
  • Automated Seed Low Fertilizer Drill
  • Groundnut Digger
  • Charge Cutter (engine/ oil motor operated)
  • Captor Cutter (tractors/ Power Tiller Operator)
  • Zero Teal Seed Low fertilizer Planner
  • Serious Teal Seed Low Fertilizer Drill
  • Discover Plau
  • Pedi Trans-Planet
  • Discover Heroes
  • Retired
  • Tractor
  • Power Tiller
  • Bund Farmer
  • Potato Planter
  • Multi Crop Planter
  • Post Hall Digger
  • Stable Saver
  • Ripper (Self Propelled)
  • Slasher
  • Land Level

Document required for registering at ikhedut portal

  • Aadhaar card
  • Identity card
  • Passport size photo
  • Bank passbook
  • Mobile number (for registration )

Most of peoples have one question about checking the list of beneficiaries online. Be advised that currently there is no any service to check online using which you can see the details of the applicants or the complete list of the applicants. But if you have the application number, you can easily check your current status of the application and check application details using the check status service.

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Farmers can get benefits from the state government under the Ikhedut portal. The benefits are in the form of various Yojana which are necessary to do the farming and other activity related to farmers. On this portal, you will get information about Input Dealer,lending institutions,government schemes,agricultural guidance, market prices ,weather etc.

You will need some important documents to apply on Ikhedut. Such as ground record, bank passbook, Aadhaar card, ration card, ballot paper, light bill etc. This portal covers farming, horticulture, fisheries, water conservation Ikhedut Portal Registration etc.