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Ikhedut Gujarat Tractor Subsidy Scheme provides benefits to eligible farmers. ikhedut.gujarat.gov.in portal is one of the best initiatives started by the state government of Gujarat. 

ટ્રેક્ટર (૨૦ PTO HP સુધી) સહાય

If you want to know the complete procedure and importance of the ikhedut.gujarat.gov.in portal.

નાના,સીમાંત,મહિલા,એસ.સી અને એસ.ટી ખેડૂતોને કુલ ખર્ચના 50% અથવા 60,000/- બે માંથી જે ઓછું હોય તે

જનરલ અને અન્ય ખેડૂતોને  કુલ ખર્ચના 40 % અથવા 45,000/- બે માંથી જે ઓછું હોય તે

યોજનાનું નામટ્રેક્ટર સહાય યોજના 2021
યોજનાનો ઉદ્દેશટ્રેકટરની ખરીદી પર સબસીડી
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અરજી કરવાની છેલ્લી તારીખ30/09/2021

Ikhedut Portal Important Documents for This Yojana 

Aadhaar card

Identity card

Passport size photo (Picture)

Bank passbook

Mobile number (for registration )

Ikhedut Portal Useful Dates

Starting Date For Application: 15/09/2021

ઓનલાઇન અરજી કરવા અહિયાં ક્લિક કરો

Last Date For Application: 30/09/2021

Benefits Of Ikhedut Portal

The former does not need to visit any official department officers to apply for any scheme.

Farmers can easily get information related to any scheme while sitting at home.

Farmers can get online facilities through this portal.

Non-register Pharma can easily apply for various schemes.

Farmers don’t need to waste any of their money while visiting the official departments.

Ikhedut Portal Eligibility Criteria

A farmer must be a permanent resident of  Gujarat.

An applicant should be a farmer by profession

An applicant must have an Aadhar card to apply for this portal.

The farmer should have a bank account.

An applicant must provide the correct document details to the portal.

Gujarat government launched the ikhedut portal to provide benefits to the farmers of the state. The government starts several schemes for farming, horticulture, fisheries, water conservation, and many more.  

List of the ikhedut portal gujarat schemes

The information of all government schemes for farmers will be accessible via the ikhedut portal Gujarat.

  1. Underground pipe line – PVC scheme.
  2. Mb plau (hydraulic reverse) scheme.
  3. Automated seed drill scheme.
  4. Mb plau (mechanical reversible scheme.
  5. Automated seed low fertilizers planner scheme.
  6. Open pipeline scheme.
  7. Cultivator scheme.
  8. Automated seed low fertilizers drill scheme.
  9. Ground nut digger scheme.
  10.  Charge cutter (engine / oil motor operated) scheme.
  11. Power tiller scheme.
  12. Potato planter scheme.
  13. Multi crop planter scheme.
  14. Post hall digger scheme.
  15. Stable saver scheme.

Who is eligible for ikhedut portal Online Registration?

The eligibility criteria to apply for Gujarat Ikhedut Portal Online Registration are as follows:

  1. Applicant must be a permanent residence of the state.
  2. Applicant must be a farmer by profession.
  3. Applicant must be a working bank account.
  4. Applicant must have working aadhaar card number.
  5. The beneficiaries would be selected by the officers who verify the documents under this i Khedut Yojana 2020 In Gujarat.
  6. Applicant must provide the all correct documents details.

All information regarding the scheme is available on the ikhedut portal. Any eligible citizen of the Gujarat state can apply for the scheme through the online portal and check their application status for free.