Pashu Sahayak Scheme – Free Ma Pashuni Tatkalik Sarvar 2020

Government Of Gujarat announce first Mobile 108 Veterinary Hospital per 10 villages in the Gujarat at Gandhinagar. Rural Animal Husbandry will be provided free animal treatment at home from 7 am to 7 pm for 365 days from the On Call 1962 service. This scheme will benefit 3.5 crore cattle in the Gujarat state.

Chief Minister Vijay Rupani said that the number 108 is considered auspicious as our nest also has 108 beads and chanting 108 also gives good results. Similarly, today 108 mobile clinics have been opened for cattle.

Pashupaln Mate Moti Yojana

  • 10 per village Rotating Hospital
  • Free Service :-1962
  • Animals Emergency
  • For more information Nearest government Contact
Pashupaln Mate Moti Yojana
Pashupaln Mate Moti Yojana

Pashu Sahayak scheme provide dairy farmers to keep track of their overall milk business, record animal-wise details, address animal husbandry events related issues, and provide timely reminders of the same to farmers on when to perform next cattle event.

As the age-old method of writing cattle and milk records in a book or on a wall is taking a shift, the scheme is primed to make record-keeping digital to help farmers efficiently and precisely manage livestock health and milk business.

Pashu Sahayak Yojana provides a simple way to easily and accurately keep note of their cattle’s general details, regular life cycle events (like heat, PD, AI, etc.), and be notified for the upcoming events on the due dates which are accurately calculated by the app. It enables farmers to perform the required procedures at the right time, and avoid any undesirable loss occurring due to missed or incorrect dates.

Benefits Of Pashu Sahayak Scheme

  • Real-time notifications supports for animal events
  • Milk collection details summary
  • Milk collection daily earning reports
  • Offline application support
  • Register multiple animal
  • Event reminders for animals
  • Support Multiple languages
  • Animal events history

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