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PGVCL(Paschim Gujarat Vij Company Ltd, Rajkot) includes total 8 districts of Gujarat namely Rajkot, Porbandar,Jamnagar, Junagadh, Bhuj,Devbhumi Dwarka,Morbi, Bhavnagar, Surendranagar and Amreli with a total of 83 Talukas.

  • Total Area covered by PGVCL :- 99,771 sq. km. approx.
  • Population Of area covered by PGVCL :- 17.5 million approx.
  • Total Consumers of PGVCL :- 5900961 (March-19)
  • No Of Total Circles: 12
  • No Of Total Divisions: 45
  • Total Sub Divisions: 246
  • No Of Employees: 13135 (May-19)

Paschim Gujarat Vij Company Limited – (PGVCL) is the Biggest Power Distribution utility in the Gujarat State. The Company was incorporated on 15th September 2003. In this company there are 13135 total employees and total 12 circles in Gujarat State.

Save Electricity and Money PGVCL

  • Make use of daylight to the extent possible
  • Tubelights give more light than bulb and consume less electricity, and have a longer life.
  • Keep lamps and electrical appliances free from dust and dirt.
  • Dont’t open the refrigerator door every now and then. Keep cooked foodstuff only after properly cooling them and keep them covered.
  • Use light colors for walls and ceilings. As these reflect more light, bulbs of lower wattage would serve your purpose.
  • If you use a washing machine, dry your clothes in the sun, dry your clothes in the sun instead of using the drier.
  • Use a solar heater for hot water and solar cooker if possible. Economies on time and fuel by using a pressure cooker which can cook 2-3 dishes simultaneously.
  • Switch off all electrical appliances and lights when not in use.
  • Defrost the refrigerator regularly.
  • Use standard electrical fittings and fixtures to ensure safety and saving of electricity.

Save Electricity Tips For Farmers

  • Select proper size of pumpset corresponding to the total head and the required quantity of water.
  • Install a motor or a diesel engine matching the capacity of the pump.
  • Keep pump and motor shaft in proper alignment.
  • Use a starter to match the capacity of the motor.
  • Provide shunt capacitors of adequate bearing ISI mark.
  • Use low resistance ffotvalve.
  • Use rigid PVC pipes instead of GI Pipes.
  • Use Pipes of the largest diameters possible.
  • Keep total suction lift within meeters.
  • Avoid too many joints and bends in suction and delivery pipes.
  • Keep the delivery pipe at regular intervals.
  • Ensure that electrical connections don’t become loose and are kept away from water.
  • Cheap and non-standard pumps and motors prove more costly in the long run.