Tractor Subsidy In Gujarat

today, let us discuss complete details of the Tractor Subsidy In Gujarat and iKhedut tractor yojana. Government Tractors Subsidy Schemes in Gujarat and Tractors Subsidy in Gujarat.

Tractors are the machinery tools for used agricultural production. Using Tractor Subsidy In Gujarat will increase the productivity of the farms, and the growing quality of the product and reduce the hazards of operations.

If Ingredients currently available then The Farmers who are interested in Tractor Subsidy In Gujarat scheme can easily register.

The Farmers who are interested in the Tractor Subsidy scheme can easily register. tractors with the cheapest rate and free service facility for a tractor by Dena Gujrat Gramin Bank.

અરજી કરવાની છેલ્લી તારીખ

તા 06/03/2021 થી 30/04/2021 સુધી

 તમામ ખેડૂતો માટે ટ્રેકટર ૪૦ પી.ટી.ઓ. હો.પા. થી વધુ અને ૬૦ પી.ટી.ઓ. હો.પા. સુધી ખર્ચના ૨૫% અથવા રૂ|. ૬૦૦૦૦/- ની મર્યાદમાં બે માંથી જે ઓછુ હોય તે

The government of Gujarat is also offering several schemes to distribute tractors and field machinery for farmers at subsidy prices to change their use in advanced agricultural methods.

Bank of baroda offers Finance for Tractors & Heavy Agriculture Machinery. and For a farmer who needs a tractor for Agriculture purpose are facilitated by a tie-up with manufacturers/company of various.

  • By using advanced agricultural technology implements on small size holdings to be operated by bullocks.
  • Using small tractors, power tillers, and tractor-drawn machines on medium holdings to supplement existing sources.

Government Tractors Subsidy Schemes in Gujarat. The purchased tractors and equipment can be used by groups of farmers and agriculture. All details available in iKhedut portal so for more details visit iKhedut portal.

  • Using large size tractors and machines on the remaining holdings to supplement animal power source.

અરજી કરવા માટે અહી ક્લિક કરો – Apply Online

Main Purpose of Scheme of Tractor Subsidy In Gujarat scheme are purchase of new tractor, Tractor-drawn implements, Power tiller and Tractor Subsidy List Gujarat other agricultural machines and Min 10% of the Cost of the tractors and Implements Tractor Subsidy In Gujarat.

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Features of the scheme:

  • The Farmers who are interested in Tractor Subsidy In Gujarat scheme can easily register on this portal for get benefits of Gujarat Government subsidy at
  • For Tractor (up to 40 PTO HP) – a subsidy of Rs.45, 000 or 25% of cost of tractors, for tractors (more than 40 PTO HP) a subsidy of Rs.60, 000 or 25% of cost, whichever is less 60 PTO HP)
  • Tractors (up to 20 HP) – For SC, ST, Small & Marginal Farmers and Women – 35% / 1.00 Lakh. For other Beneficiaries – 25% / 75,000
  • Tractors (20 to 40 HP) -For SC/ST, small & marginal farmers, 35%of cost or 1.25 lakh, and for other Beneficiaries-25% or 1.00 lakh, whichever is less.
  • Tractors (Above 20 to 70 PTO HP) – For SC, ST, Small & Marginal Farmers and Women – 35% / 1.25 Lakh For other Beneficiaries – 25% / 1.00 Lakh.
  • Power Tiller/mini tractor – 40% of the cost of the tractors or 45,000 for a general farmer, for SC, ST farmer 50% or Rs. 60,000, whichever is less.

Tractor Brands Ideal for Small Farmers

India is often known as the land of agriculture. there are lots of tractors available in the market to suit every farmer’s budget. Government of provide Tractor Subsidy In Gujarat for farmers.

We have mentioned some of the best small tractor models in India with their names. List are below.

  • Mahindra 245 DI 4WD mini tractor
  • Swaraj 735 FE Tractor
  • Sonalika GT 20 Tractor
  • Sonalika DI 734 Tractor
  • Kubota NEO Star B2441 4WD
  • VST Shakti MT 270 VIRAAT

The tractor is one of the best vehicles for specially farmers, specially in India. Agriculture, a major source of livelihood in the India also uses tractors for farm mechanization. in different states government provide subsidy for buy new tractors subsidy in gujarat. Tractor up to 40 PTO HP goverment of gujarat subsidy of Rs.45, 000 or 25% of cost of tractors, and more than 40 PTO HP tractors a govement provide subsidy of Rs.60, 000 or 25% of cost, whichever is less 60 PTO HP.

Government of gujarat tractor Subsidy is available, with over 25% subsidy for the general category and 35% for special categories. Besides, training and workshops are conducted to spread awareness about the importance of machines in agriculture Eligibility and Tractor Subsidy Application Online for farmers.

Small and marginal, land owner of a minimum of 4 acres and who utilize the tractorto the minimum extent of 50% on their own landholding. For tractors, the repayment period is 9 years. and Power Tillers period is 7 years. Feel free to share your inputs or queries in the comments box below.